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Watchitoo Overview

What is Watchitoo?
Watchitoo is a real-time collaboration platform where multimedia presentations meld with video conferencing to create a powerful stage for online communication. Our original technology provides a means to easily host and participate in cutting-edge presentations that support multiple video feeds, screen sharing, white-boarding, API implementation, embedding capabilities and recording functionalities with an unprecedented ease of use for your business needs.
What are Watchitoo's conferencing features?
Watchitoo provides a unique switchboard style video management system that allows for the instantaneous management of video chat feeds, as well as text chats, the ability to upload content from the web and hard drives, screen sharing, record/playback shows, and linking shows to Facebook and Twitter.
How is Watchitoo different from its competitors?
Watchitoo is a confluence of key elements found individually within its competitors that seamlessly blend into one platform. With no download necessary, Watchitoo offers a synchronous experience for live multimedia communication. It is the ideal collaboration platform for integrated content sharing, webinar functionalities, live streaming and networking - all in one easy service.
Is Watchitoo compatible with other social networks?
Watchitoo offers Facebook and Twitter integration in which colleagues can post tweets from within a meeting as well as receive invitations to join a conference or chat via links posted to Facebook and Twitter accounts.
How can I use Watchitoo to augment my business
Watchitoo is a great way to host online presentations for sales pitches, business meetings and collaborative events. Businesses are able to display multimedia while video conferencing in a comfortable personal environment.
Is there an additional cost for using the voice conferencing feature
No. There is no additional cost for using voiceover IP.
Is there a toll-free option for audio conferencing
Yes, a bridge line will be available to all Watchitoo users. Please check pricing options for these features.
How Do I Use the Video Override Feature?
FPS (Frames Per Second): This refers to the amount of information devoted to movement, smooth vs. blurry. The higher the FPS, the smoother the motion, but this will also consume more bandwidth. Quality: This refers to the resolution of the image. It is important to note that when quality=zero, it will be automatically adjusting and you will not be controlling bandwidth. Moving it to 1 will provide you with the lowest resolution at very low bandwidth. Sliding this to 100 will give you the best resolution at the price of high bandwidth consumption. BW (kbps): This bandwidth feature refers to the bandwidth cap. The previous two sliders affect quality at the cost of bandwidth. This slider indicates this is the maximum bandwidth that you want to consume. However, it is not perfect, so if you set the BW at 100, you may find yourself actually outputting 110kbps; however, you will not reach 200kbps -- it's a ball park number, but it's a small ball park. This will limit the max bandwidth consumed by your feed.
Why Adobe Flash vs. HTML 5?
The Watchitoo platform is currently supported by Adobe Flash as Flash remains the best quality, most stable video platform. HTML 5 is limited to basic video functions and is not yet suitable to handle advanced video features such as streaming, interactivity and various effects. When the time comes that HTML5 improves both with performance stability and quality, the Watchitoo platform will develop on a HTML5 platform.

Getting Started

How do I set up my Watchitoo account
To gain access to a full-featured Watchitoo account, enter www.watchitoo.com into your browser, click the "TRY WATCHITOO!" button and enter your information where prompted. A lite version is also available and may be accessed at http://plground.com.
Do I need a Watchitoo account to join a meeting
No, a Watchitoo account is only required to host a meeting. Guests are permitted to log on and attend a hosted meeting after providing their names.
How do I set up my microphone and camera
In an open show, click "Set Your Cam/Mic Here" and allow flash to locate your camera. This will detect and active your camera and microphone. In the event that your camera or microphone do not turn on, please select your camera and/microphone from the pull-down menus that appear within your 'Video Chatting' window.
Which microphone/speaker configuration do you recommend for the best audio quality
For optimal quality, an external microphone headset works best.
How do I join a meeting
If you've been invited to the meeting via email, Facebook or Twitter, simply click the provided link and you will automatically be placed in the meeting. You may also enter the meeting ID into our search bubble and join the show in this manner.
How do I schedule a future meeting
As a host, you can schedule a future meeting by starting a new show and clicking 'Settings' in the toolbar. A pop-up window will display 'Show Settings' and just click on the 'Event Planning' tab. Here, you can schedule your event, create a banner for it and post it as an embedded link via email or blog.
Can I use Twitter and Facebook to publish my events
Yes, with Watchitoo, you can easily publish your events by clicking the Twitter or Facebook icons within an open meeting.
How do I start a meeting
Sign on to Watchitoo's homepage and click "Start a NEW SHOW" in the upper right-hand corner.
How do I set up a recurring meeting that I can use anytime
Once a meeting is created, it can be accessed at any time, so long as the host permits it. A host can also set a password or limit the privileges of guests of the meeting.
How many participants can join a meeting
While the Watchitoo pricing plan starts at 25 participants per meeting with 3 live video streams, further options are capable of supporting conferences of thousands of people. You can email or call the Sales department for plan options: sales@watchitoo.com or 1-212-354-5888, option 1
What equipment do I need to host and conduct a Watchitoo meeting
Watchitoo is a completely Web-based platform requiring only a computer, a camera and an Internet connection.
Which operating systems and browsers are supported
Both Windows and Macintosh operating systems support Watchitoo on all major browsers. You should also have Flash player 11.3 or higher installed. If you are a Mac user, you should have version 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") or above, so that you can have the required Flash Player. If you are a Linux user, you should use Chrome to get the required Flash Player.
Which browser versions are supported?
The following browser versions are sufficient: Internet Explorer 11.., Firefox 29..., Safari 5.1... or Chrome 35... However, we suggest disabling the Pepper Flash plugin for Chrome, as explained in the following link: http://www.watchitoo.com/chromeWarning/en_US/index.html
Can I host and/or attend a Watchitoo session using a Mac
What operating systems support the Watchitoo screen share tool?
For Windows, the requirement is Windows 7 or above. For Macintosh, the requirement is OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above.

Meetings with Watchitoo Pro

When should participants join my meeting
A participant can join a meeting at any time at the host's request or by entering the meeting ID or following a link provided by the host.
How will my participants be able to ask questions during the meeting
Within an open meeting, the 'Questions' tab is located next to the 'Group Chat' tab. Here the participants will be able to post their questions to a queue, where the host may review and answer them or drag them over the content viewer for all to see.
How many people can speak at one time
Text chats will be organized using a first-come, first-served system. However, participants will be able to speak freely during a video chat wherein which the host is able to mute and unmute any and all participants' microphones and speakers as he or she sees fit.
How do I mute and unmute participants' audio lines
As a host you are provided with 'mute all microphones' and 'mute all speakers' buttons that are located within the 'Video Chatting' window. You may also mute specific microphones within the 'Control Room'.
How do I place a question over the content viewer window
In order to place a question over the content viewer window, type your desired question in the text box under the "Questions" tab and press enter and drag it over the content viewer.

Using Watchitoo Pro Features

How do I view presentations in full-screen mode
Drag your cursor over the presentation display within the content viewer. Upon doing so you will note that a full screen button has appeared in the lower right hand corner. Click this in order to enter full screen mode.
How do I record a meeting
To record a meeting, simply click the red record button in the toolbar above the viewer window. To stop recording, click the square stop button. The recording will appear as the last item in your playlist.
How do I view a recorded meeting
After you have finished recording, click 'Playlist' and your meeting will appear at the end of the video timeline as an image. Double-click the image as though it were a video to watch your recorded meeting.
Where are my recorded meetings stored
Watchitoo stores all of your personal recordings on its secure private servers.
How do I screen share on Watchitoo
To begin screen sharing, simply click 'Screen Share' located above the video chat box. Next, a prompt will appear within the main viewer, providing you with a play button to indicate that screen sharing is currently off. Click the play button to turn screen sharing on. To turn screen sharing off, simply click the stop button.
Which file types can I upload and share with Watchitoo
Watchitoo allows you to upload .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .doc, docx, .ppt, pptx, xls and .pdf file formats, plus .mp4 files in the Content section.
How do I share an Apple Keynote presentation in my Watchitoo session?
Export your Apple Keynote presentation to .ppt or .pdf and upload the file using the 'My Content' tab (the file folder icon below the video chating boxes) and clicking the 'Browse' button, or you can use the screen share function within an open meeting.
Within an open meeting, an Apple Keynote can be uploaded by clicking 'My Content' > 'Browse'. After uploading, double-click the content to add it to your timeline.
How Do I Use the Matrox MX02?
Utilizing the Matrox MX02 series devices to stream HD video over Watchitoo.com. When using a Matrox MX02 series device, we have isolated specific configurations that will optimize your streamed video as well as maintain a proper audio sync for your stream. Camera Settings: First and foremost, make sure that all of your cables are properly connected to the MXO2 input pane. Next set your camera to output video that can be recognized and converted by the Matrox MX02 box. Please use the settings below as a reference. Video Out: Output: Be sure to set your camera output to the highest possible resolution to be broadcast to your computer. Generally streams are output at 1080i or 720p at 29.97, 30, or 60 frames per second. The camera's recording setting is not important for streaming and can be ignored for the sake of pushing out to the web. Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE): Device: Select Matrox as your active device and click on the wrench icon next to the pulldown in order to open your incoming stream settings. Video Input Format: Set this to mimic the output settings on your camera's output. Watchitoo generally outputs at 1080/29.97i and that is what is chosen as the Video Input Format in the Matrox settings. Video Input Source: Select either HDMI or SDI depending on which cable you intend to use. Frame Size: For 1080i select 1920x1080, and for 720p select 1280x720. Frames Per Second: Mimic the fps out from your camera. Format: VP6 is preferable to H.264 as it is Adobe's proprietary streaming protocol and demonstrates a more robust lip-sync. FPS: This will automatically mimic the FPS setting that you selected under the device settings. Input Size: For 1080i select 1920x1080, and for 720p select 1280x720. Brining in external audio: While FMLE will provide you with the option of bringing in a video feed separate from your Matrox box, it is not suggested to do so, as an audio drift may occur that will lose the sync of audio and video. Watchitoo.com strongly recommends either plugging your audio source directly into the Matrox box itself or going into one of the camera's audio inputs and selecting the proper connection (HDMI/SDI) as output in the camera's settings. Furthermore, when in FMLE, you must also select your incoming audio source under the device settings pane that appears as a small wrench next to the input device pulldown. Summary: Make sure that all of your camera output and your FMLE input settings match in both format (1080i/720p) as well as frame rate. Setting two different frame rates may result in a loss of synch between your audio and video. Next, be sure to mix your audio and video using the Matrox MXO2 series device. Failure to utilize the hardware in mixing A/V may also result in a loss of synch between audio and video. Finally press start and begin your stream. You should now be broadcasting to Watchitoo.com in HD quality!
Why does my Powerpoint fail to upload?
Please be aware that Powerpoint files that are password-protected or read-only will not upload onto the Watchitoo platform. If this is the case for you, please open your Powerpoint file, remove the restrictions, save it, and attempt the upload once more. If you still have issues, please contact support.

Watchitoo Audio Bridge

Can I connect an audio bridge directly to my meeting?
Yes. Watchitoo enables you to connect an audio bridge directly to your meeting. After dialing the Watchitoo audio bridge number, then entering your account's personal conference ID and password, participants can attend your meeting with nothing more than a telephone. Watchitoo audio bridge participants are able to hear all audio from your meeting as well as communicate with all participants in the meeting including participants joining from the web and other audio bridge participants. For more information regarding the Watchitoo audio bridge, please see "Watchitoo Phone Bridge" in the Documents section of Support or contact a Watchitoo sales representative to connect the Watchitoo audio bridge feature to your account.
Watchitoo offers an audio bridge option - - why do I need this for online meetings?
There may be situations where some meeting Participants can connect to a meeting with their computer's webcams and microphones while others are without this option. Participants without a functioning computer webcam and microphone can interact in Watchitoo meetings through their phone lines. Meeting Hosts or Moderators can place their connections onto the meeting stage, so that they can hear the other meeting Participants and be heard.
Why don't I have access to the Watchitoo audio bridge in my Watchitoo account?
The Watchitoo audio bridge is a premium feature that can be easily added to your account. If you wish to learn more about Watchitoo audio bridge pricing, then please contact a Watchitoo sales representative. Watchitoo Sales: Phone: (212) 354-5888, Option 1 Email: sales@watchitoo.com
How do I add the Watchitoo audio bridge feature to my account?
To add the Watchitoo audio bridge feature to your account, please contact a Watchitoo sales representative Watchitoo Sales: Phone: (212) 354-5888, Option 1 Email: sales@watchitoo.com
Why can't my audio bridge participants hear audio from my meeting?
Your Watchitoo audio bridge is connected to your account. To connect your Watchitoo audio bridge to a specific meeting, you will first need to enter that meeting. Once in your meeting, you will see an icon that looks like a telephone in the top menu bar on the right side of the window. That is the Watchitoo audio bridge icon. Select that icon to reveal four options designating the amount of time you wish to connect your audio bridge to this particular meeting. Choose an option by selecting the radio dial next to it. After you select your option, select the continue button to connect the Watchitoo audio bridge to your meeting. To confirm that your Watchitoo audio bridge is connected to your meeting, the telephone icon in the top menu should be colored green.
Can audio bridge participants speak in my meeting?
Yes, Watchitoo audio bridge participants can actively participate in your meeting. Watchitoo audio bridge participants are treated as regular Watchitoo web participants. When in your meeting you can simply go to your participant list, identify the Watchitoo audio bridge participant by the phone number they are calling in from, and add them to the stage as you would a participant joining from the web. If you do not see your Watchitoo audio bridge participants in your participant list, make sure your participant list filter is set to 'All' or 'Audio Bridge Participants'. You can even change their display name and image from the 'Bridge' tab in the Control Room.


Does Watchitoo work with Mac OSX 10.7 Lion?
Yes. Until Flash updates its software to seamlessly work with OSX 10.7 Lion, we have a temporary workaround that bypasses the Adobe Flash Player Dialog box and gives Watchitoo access to your camera and microphone. This document is called "How to enable your Cam and Mic on OSX Lion" and is located on this website under "Support Documents."
Can I test the quality of my microphone and speaker setup before my meeting
Yes, it is recommended to invite at least one participant prior to the meeting in order to confirm the proper functioning of all equipment.
Where can I go for help with Watchitoo-related questions
You can contact 24 hour support, via email: support@watchitoo.com Or you can also call our hotline at 212-354-5888, option 2.
What do I do if my participants can't see my screen
Reloading the site or the browser will remedy most issues. If your problem persists, please contact our
help hotline at 212-354-5888, option 2.
Why can't I see the entire Recorder window?
If a user is zoomed in beyond the default 100% in their web browser, Watchitoo's Recorder window will not show all buttons. In order to make all buttons visible, please return the browsers zoom view settings to 100%.
Why does my Powerpoint have white borders?
If any components (images, text, etc.) in the Powerpoint extend beyond the document edges, then the Powerpoint will display with white borders when view changes are made. As a temporary workaround, if you put the webcams on the stage first, the Powerpoint will be displayed properly. However, any action where the powerpoint changes in size (addition of webcams, or full screen) will result in white bars around the edges.
Why does my .pptx file fail to upload?
One possibility is that you need to update your links. To fix 1) Open your PPTX in powerpoint 2) Click "Update Links" on the Microsoft PowerPoint Security Notice window 3) Click OK 4) Click "File" 5) Click "Info" 6) Click "Edit Links to Files" 7) Select the links with question marks and click the "Break Link" button 8) Close and save the file 9) Please try uploading the file to Watchitoo again. (it will take few minutes to complete the upload…).
Does Watchitoo support browser zoom tools?
No, zooming in/out using your web browser will not work with Watchitoo. Please use the Full Screen and Zoom buttons that appear when hovering your mouse over the content area.
Why can’t my downloaded recording play with sound?
If you download and play large recording files, they may sometimes play without any sound on some players. If you play the same files with the QuickTime Player on a Macintosh, you should hear the sound. For PCs, with the VLC Media Player (available, for example, from CNET), you should hear the sound.
The Flash Allow button is not responding.
The Adobe Flash Player Allow button can sometimes be hard to click on. First, you can try to expand the button and make it larger by spreading two fingers apart on your touchpad and then click on the Allow button again. You can also change your Flash settings to automatically Allow from our site--detailed instructions are at the following link: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager06.html
Why is part of my menu in Watchitoo cut off?
Have your browser view reset 100% if you have trouble viewing menu items or any part of the Watchitoo platform.